TyreePhotography thrives on transparency, and quality

My years of experience, education and dedication as allowed me the

knowledge and resources to offer a guarantee with my work.


Within reason and on contingency according to the

TyreePhotography Session Agreement -

TyreePhotography Guarantees the following:  


  • Each image is delivered with the upmost integrity reserved for TyreePhotographys' unique branding.
  • Each image is sized correctly for print 
  • Each image is color corrected and toned correctly
  • Images are delivered on time and without incident
  • Images are archived 1 year and are available for reorders
  • I guarantee my time to the end of being available on the day and time of the scheduled shoot

OR YOUR MONEY BACK (within 10 business days)

TyreePhotography reserves the right to hold images not paid for


Current Agreement