Model/Participant Release Form: 


Model / Participant: _______________________, ____________________________ Email:______________________Phone:_____________

(Print First Name)                           (Print Last Name)                        (Where To Send Images)    

I hereby authorize TyreePhotography – Angela Tyree / TyreePhotography to use photographs of me and/or my property and authorize them and their assignees, licensees, legal representatives and transferees to use and publish in photographs, pictures, images or portraits herein described for the purposes of publicity, illustration, commercial art, advertising, publishing including electronic format, for any product or services or other worked or artist rendering deemed lawful. These images may be published in any manner, including (but not limited to) calendars, advertisements, periodicals, web, publications, authorized users & may be altered from its original form 

Angela Tyree / TyreePhotography will supply me good and valuable consideration in the form of professional edited images from trade time or collaboration of HEELS. A delay may occur between readied images and publication in conjunction with personal advertising.   RAW photos are not provided. Participants do not pick published images and understand fully they are participating in a publication intended for public viewing & purchase in physical print & digital form.  

TyreePhotography reserves the right to publish images that fall in line with its distinct branding. All images obtained by model will be suitable for web based, social media and website purposes.   Because of the exploratory and experimental nature of trade photography, TyreePhotography makes no guarantees concerning number or quality of images, and forfeits brand and business-based guarantee as TyreePhotography. TyreePhotography aims to produce roughly 20+ images per hour on a minimum.   

The produced images during this shoot will NOT contain nudity, or violence of any kind. Including use of violent props that might be perceived as real (unless amendment is made)

To that end, I permit the photographer above, licensees or assignees to use the images mentioned above, drawings or reproductions thereof, complete or in part, alone or in conjunction with wording and/or drawings for editorial, experimental, advertising, public relations, packaging, web advertising, display material, books, magazines and future dissemination. 

I permit the photographer above, licensees and TyreePhotography brand to record my likeness on film and capture voice for publication, all or in part in with images, art and likeness for HEELS feature and its promotion, advertising, gallery and displays.  

  • Territorial Limits: Worldwide
  • I understand that I do not own copyright of the photograph(s) referred to above.
  • Copyright remains fully with the photographer, the original author.
  • I understand that I may not sell my images, or likeness without an amendment to this agreement.

Each party AGREES not to slander, misuse or disguise use of said image in ANY manner.  This includes slander to one’s business, person, or authority. Misusing the image for unsavory purposes not signed under this contract.

----PLEASE NOTE-----

AT NO TIME shall the participant ALTER the final copy of the image by way of running it through an automatic photo app to alter its appearance or entering it in photoshop or other editing software. Including color corrections, tone and other cell phone “filters” that compromise the integrity of TyreePhotography brand or the original intent or HEELS publication including cropping into image.

No sells or profit is to be made from provided images on models behalf.  Model receives no royalties for said images. HEELS participation is a voluntary project and TyreePhotography cannot guarantee compensation or publication sells. TyreePhotography agrees to credit the participant with stage/public name when posted on social media & print. Model agrees to display only watermarked copies of image with credit to the photographer.

Model understands that images may not be used for outside submission purposes for submissions to other publications other than HEELS produced by TyreePhotography.  Images may be used for and displayed in a personal portfolio on models behalf & used for personal promotion outside produced print.  An exception to this are business cards, flyers and the like, and reproductions under 4x5 reproductions that are allowed on models behalf.

Furthermore  I will hold harmless Angela Tyree /TyreePhotography from any damage that arises on the premises due to my negligence, including but not limited to, breakage of property and accidents on the property. I take full responsibility for my actions on said property and those in my party. 

>>>>>I have read and fully understand the terms of this release. I further release the Photographer and his/her direct or indirect licensees and assignees from any claims for payment as part of this trade.   I am of legal age and have the full legal capacity to execute this authorization without the consent to knowledge of any other person. I agree TyreePhotography has not coerced said model or participant in any way and are photographing by way of their own liability.

In accepting this model release, the photographer and client undertake that the copyright material shall only be used within the terms of this release.

COVID AMENDMENT: TyreePhotography certifies that the named photographer Angela Tyree and its assistants and staff are fully vaccinated against Covid- 19. TyreePhotography follows current Washington State health laws.



By signing this agreement, I also confirm that I understand the investment and team participation to this photoshoot by way of venue, wardrobe, styling, hosting or other commitment and agree to make every effort to attend on day of shoot, on time, in full and with merit.   


Signature of Model /Responsible Party. _______________________________________________________ Date:_________


Signature of Model Witness   _________________________________________Date: ________